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Uechi-Ryu Oryukai : Lean and share the best practices of Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate

Welcome on Uechi-Ryu Oryukai website.
Our group is open to all level and all organizations, we believe the differences are making the difference.
All members are willing to connect or reconnect of the essence of traditional Uechi-Ryu developed by Kanei Uechi sensei.

Uechi-Ryu Karate (上地流空手道)

Le Uechi-Ryu is a traditional style of Okinawan Karate based on Chinese Tiger Fist Boxing (Fujian Province). Our style is always described as “half-hard, half-soft” Karate; This combination makes the techniques very powerful and applicables to self-defence.
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Join Uechi-Ryu Oryukai

Our community of practice is open to all practitioners willing to understand better their art and as well open to beginners.
Our group is spread over the world so we will regularly work on-line and we have one or 2 seminars per year.
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Direction Technique

The On-Line Program and our Virtual Dojo have been build and designed by Lionel Reynaud sensei.
Lionel is teaching within the Mattson Academy (Miami) and in Europe; Lionel has been awarded Jun Shihan by Mattson sensei in 2019.
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