On Line Training

On Line Class

For the ones who are not able to access a regular Dojo, we propose On-Line class to train collectively and exchange about our style and Okinawan Karate.
If you want to test and discover this way of training, do not hesitate to contact us as we offer class for newcomer (as free).

In term of rank; we cover all the ranks up the 3rd degree black belt (sandan).

To run the class, we are using zoom (free of charge for the students).

Individual Training sessions

The Individual Training sessions are used for 3 different type of sessions :

  • Monthly individual session : used to chack your progress, fine tuning of your karate skills; giving you the ability to have a sensei only for you during one hour.
  • Promotion test (depending of the rank it will be in front of different boards)
  • Discovery class for beginners : for the ones who want to discover ORYUKAN (our on-line program)

These individual classes are every time is an important rendez-vous point for the students as even in the normal dojo it is sometimes difficult to get a full one hour with your teacher.

Practice your karate and improve your speaking skills in foreign language !

Uechi-Ryu Oryukai is wide community of practice and we have the luck to have students from different countries.

Our sensei Lionel Reynaud is able to run classes in English, French, Spanish and Japanese (basic level for the Japanese) so you will be able to attend class with different nationalities.
Class with different nationalities are usually run in English except if we have only Spanish or French speaking students.
This is a great way to improve your language skills while improving your karate skills !

If you need more details about our community or/and our On-Line Program (Oryukan), please feel free to contact via our form.